If you want to say goodbye to crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth then look no further !

At Expert Dental Care we offer a range of services to give you the smile you deserve. Correction of crooked teeth or malocclusion has never been so easy and precise. We use cutting edge technology to aid us deliver a perfect smile every time. 

Every patient is different and has varied
requirements. Each and every case is studied carefully using digital scan impressions. Photos and radiographs are taken to study the relationship of
teeth and jaws. A comprehensive treatment plan is curated to satisfy the
requirements of every patient.

Early Orthodontics for children (7-12 years)

We recommend your child’s first consultation at the age of 7 and above. Any discrepancies that are detected early can be treated at a young age to avoid future complications. Correction of tooth jaw irregularities at an early age can avoid extraction(pulling out) of adult teeth
later. Conditions like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, proclined teeth, gaps in
front teeth, constricted jaws are best treated between the age of 7-12 years. 

Steps to achieve that perfect smile :

Step 1: Detailed consultation to understand your needs. We offer a 3D smile simulation using a 3D intraoral scanner, so that you can get a glimpse of your perfect smile once the treatment reaches completion. Radiographs and photographs taken to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.


Step 2: After a detailed study, a customised comprehensive treatment plan will be given to you which includes duration and expenses involved.


Step 3: Upon approval the 3D plan is then transferred to the CADCAM system which used to manufacture custom fit aligners.

Step 4: Aligners are delivered to the patient with instructions. Recalls planned as needed.

Step 5: Completion of treatment followed by retainers to keep you smiling.

Expanders : A small appliance fitted on to the upper teeth can help create the desired space to accommodate the large adult teeth. In most cases we can avoid braces entirely.

Metal Braces(Damon System) : 

Everything around us has changed in the past few years and so have braces. We use the advanced Damon system of braces which yields faster and accurate results than conventional braces. So your treatment time is reduced by as much as 6 months. Memory retaining wires help in achieving the exact desired effect. No wire ties so less wires in you mouth and quicker follow up appointments. Virtually no discomfort or pain during the entire
treatment process.


Aligners or Invisible Braces : 

Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing Virtually invisible ! So you feel confident while straightening your teeth.

No need for the inconvenience of unsightly braces. Clear Aligners allow you to eat the foods you want, brush and floss your teeth and still end up with the amazing smile you’ve always wanted. Get a beautiful straight smile, in as little
as 6 months !


Advantages of clear Aligners (Invisible Braces)

1) Removeable so you can eat what you want, when you want.

2) They don’t disrupt your life ! Continue playing sports without worrying about breaking braces.

3) Brush and floss as usual, making them more hygienic than braces.