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Gone are the days when a root canal treatment required several appointments as well as the associated ongoing pain. With the advent of newer instruments and technology to assist our expert dentists, the whole root canal procedure can now be performed in as little as a single visit and absolutely painlessly!

Expert Dental Care is equipped with the latest rotary endodontic instruments (TriautoZX2) complimented by a dental microscope and digital radiography. The use of ultrasonics and dental lasers for disinfecting the root canals makes the whole procedure accurate and predictable. Dr Kedar is a pioneer in single visit root canal procedures which he has been practicing since 2002 and is one of very few dentists qualified to offer one visit root canal treatment to his patients.

A single visit root canal procedure requires specialised instruments which Expert Dental Care has available. And the best part – it costs the same as multi visit root canal treatments without the inconvenience of the extra time in the dental chair.

Always arrange for a consultation if you are experiencing tooth pain – you may not necessarily require root canal treatment.

Some points about quick root canal treatment: