Teeth whitening is a very popular dental procedure these days. The procedure has evolved over the past decade and is now easy, predictable and effective. At Expert Dental Care we offer both in-office as well as home whitening options to our patients, but it is our experience that whitening done in the dental chair provides the best outcome in a safe environment.

In-chair whitening consists of a one day procedure which lasts for 45-60 mins. The results are immediate and outstanding. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure using topical agents combined with light activation. During your whitening procedure, we strive to make longer appointments more comfortable for our patients with our in-house entertainment.

Many patients are worried about possible side effects as a result of teeth whitening. At Expert Dental Care our dentist will do a thorough checkup prior to a whitening procedure to determine if a patient is a good candidate for whitening.

A proper dental assessment is very important before whitening to reduce any chance of complications which may arise if there are any pre-existing fillings, sensitive teeth, gum disease or gum recession or any other conditions of the teeth.

Some patients feel mild sensitivity after whitening. It is temporary and easily taken care of and every patient takes home a desensitising agent after a whitening procedure for home application. As part of your treatment we will also advise on how to maintain whiter teeth for a longer period of time and provide a home maintenance whitening kit for our patients so your ‘white smile’ lasts a long time. The home maintenance kit includes a whitening gel and custom made trays for home whitening or top up whitening after completing an in-chair professional whitening treatment.

For some patients, an in-home whitening treatment using professionally dispensed gels and trays can give results equal to an in-chair whitening treatment. When you come for your whitening consultation, our dentists will discuss each option and advise which is the best for you.