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Laser Dentistry is here to stay

Laser dentistry is here to stay!

As in dentistry, treatments continuously move into an exciting era of advanced technology, it is safe to say that Laser Dentistry is here to stay! Dental lasers can be used
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Wedding season is here – how you can have the perfect smile on your big day

Most importantly, congratulations on your engagement! If you’re already deep in wedding planning mode, you may have discovered how much goes into making your special day perfect. One of the
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How do I know if my child has a Lip and Tongue Tie?

Encouraging healthy dental care not only in adults but their children too is something that Expert Dental Care have always advocated for. Sometimes dental health goes beyond regular checks and
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Preventative Dentistry – Prevention is better than cure!

Why is this important? Our oral health affects more than just our teeth. The oral health has impacts on our overall wellbeing. Poor oral health practices can have major impacts
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Dental Implants vs Root Canal Treatment – TOOTH OR NO TOOTH

It has always been a goal of dentistry to replace teeth or broken/decayed parts of teeth with something that is as close to nature as possible. This is not only
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Tech in Dentistry

A few days ago, I was chatting with my friends at our local club. The discussion turned to invasion of tech in our lives and one of them turned to
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Superstitions and teeth – Myth busters!

Straight, shiny & white, healthy teeth are counted as a hallmark of beauty, and there are also many myths and superstitions attached to not so perfect teeth. These are not
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