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Lip Tie & Tongue Tie

Lip Tie

A small band of tissue attaches your gums to your lip. Sometimes this attachment can be too thick or high and can interfere with normal functioning and appearance of the lip. In newborns it can make feeding difficult. If it is not corrected it can cause midline diastema, which is a spacing in the teeth in the upper jaw.

The removal of this tissue is referred to as frenectomy. In the past it involved surgery, bleeding and sutures. These days lasers are used to remove the excessive tissue, resulting in a much faster recovery time with no scarring. At Expert Dental Care, we use a state-of-the-art dual band laser, which causes no scarring, no post-treatment pain, and a wound that heals the same day.

Tongue Tie

A frenum is a fibrous band of tissue attaching the base of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.
A tongue tie occurs when the frenum restricts the movement of the tongue affecting its normal functioning. Tongue ties can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. A tongue tie can lead to speech defects, feeding issues and can affect the growth of the lower jaw.

Exposure of Teeth

Sometimes adult teeth can get stuck or fail to erupt into the oral cavity. The procedure to cut the gums can be painful and is accompanied by bleeding. The same procedure can be carried out using a laser. These lasers do not absorb enamel and are ideal for locating and exposing the teeth, therefore exposure of the teeth to aid tooth eruption and the facilitation of tooth movement is accomplished with ease.