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Traumatic Injuries

Australia is known for its love of sports and as a result, dental trauma (often from sporting accidents) is one of the most common causes for early tooth loss in young patients. Though all precautions are taken, injuries in sport are expected to happen, and the most important factor in determining a best outcome is time.

The earlier a dental trauma injury is treated – the better the outcome.

If you or your child suffer dental trauma we encourage your to address the injury immediately in the hand of our expert dentists, as a broken tooth can be easily restored to its natural form.

There are a number of treatment modalities including:

Splinting: This is when a wobbly tooth or a tooth which has shifted from its natural position (known as a displaced tooth) can be put back into its original position using a resin splint. The splint secures the tooth a determined period of time and is then removed.

Post and Core: When the tooth is completely broken down but has an intact root it can be restored with a post core. There are different post systems available depending upon the condition. Dr Kedar has extensive experience with the handling of traumatic injuries due to his work in a paediatric clinic.