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Loss of teeth sometimes is inevitable but the need for a tooth replacement is individualised. Before discussing replacement options for missing teeth, we carefully assess the ability to chew, the cosmetic appearance of the teeth and any drifting/tilting of teeth that has occurred as a result of missing teeth, and then base our recommendation options for replacement by considering all these factors. Generally teeth replacement has best results if done as early as possible after loosing a natural tooth, however our expert dentists are equipped and trained to offer options with the best possible results even if you have had teeth missing for some time and want to replace them now. Teeth may be replaced by one of three options.

A removable denture (also known as a ‘plate’) is an option where multiple teeth can be replaced on a denture plate and gives our patients the comfort of being able to remove dentures at their convenience. 

Making a removal denture requires multiple appointments and we work in partnership with leading laboratories to minimise the fabrication time.

Other options like crown and bridge or dental implants are fixed options, whereby once treatment is provided, patients are unable to remove the prosthetic teeth from their mouth themselves. Although, amongst other benefits, fixed options have an advantage over the removable option of feeling more natural in the mouth as well as returning chewing ability to be very close to your natural teeth. Crowns and bridges are where missing teeth are replaced taking support from adjacent teeth but placing crowns (also known as caps) on them. This procedure generally requires two visits following an initial consultation. 

Whereas, Implant supported teeth replaces missing teeth by crowns sitting on a titanium implant device that is placed within the jaw bone. Contrary to popular belief, implant surgery is successfully, easily and comfortably provided in the dental chair itself under local anaesthesia and in most cases has minimal discomfort after the procedure.

Our dentist will explain each option to you and will also consider the overall appearance and make every effort to ensure the artificial teeth look inconspicuous and form part of your natural mouth and smile.

All of the above options aid in varying degrees in returning the function of teeth, the mouth’s cosmetic appearance as well as preventing the teeth that are adjacent and opposing to the missing teeth space from moving. Please arrange for a consultation and our dentist can discuss which option is best for you.