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Gum Treatment

Gum disease, also known as Gingivitis, is one of the leading causes of teeth loss and is a silently progressing condition. Subtle signs of gum disease include bleeding gums, bad breath and occasional sensitivity. As the disease progresses, it leads to drifting of teeth and then eventual tooth loss. This can then lead to bone loss around teeth known as Periodontitis, which in most circumstances is permanent. It is important to examine and identify the disease early to minimise the risk of loosing teeth due to bone loss.

There is emerging evidence form research of links between gum disease and difficulty in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and joint disease such as Rheumatoid arthritis.

It has also been suggested in studies that Diabetes, Pregnancy, Osteoporosis (weak bones), anxiety, depression, post-menopause and certain medication makes you more prone to gum disease.
Ideally, gum disease can be prevented. However it can be kept under control if you already suffer from it.

At Expert Dental Care we screen every patient for signs of gum disease and give tailored advise on its prevention and management. When required we closely liaise with gum disease dentists and general medical practitioners to make sure our patients not only receive the top care for their gums, but are also aptly managed for any medical condition in our goal to help in the delivery of overall good health.