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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth need restoration when they break down from trauma, which can result in decay or even tooth loss. You may also consider teeth restoration for cosmetic reasons. At Expert Dental Care, our dentists carefully assess the need for tooth restoration as we know how important early detection and tooth conservation is in order to minimise intervention.

We understand the importance of conserving teeth and preventing disease and damage, that’s why tooth conservation is at the heart of our treatment plan. We carefully decide on the time of teeth restoration and what materials are best suited. We only use the highest quality materials including white composite resin, strong aesthetic ceramics and metals such as gold to ensure the best outcome possible.

Sometimes when teeth come through, they may be weaker or have deep fissures on the biting surface. This can make teeth prone to early decay. It is crucial that an early and timely assessment is undertaken to identify if tooth restoration is appropriate, and when the best time is to carry out the restoration. In these cases our dentists use special fissure sealants to seal deep fissures on the teeth to prevent any decay.

With restorative dental work, our dentists aim is not only to return the function of the tooth, but we strive to give all our restorations a natural appearance, so it closely resembles your original tooth.

At Expert Dental Care, we take great pride in our work and restoring our patients beautiful and natural looking smiles.