Most importantly, congratulations on your engagement! If you’re already deep in wedding planning mode, you may have discovered how much goes into making your special day perfect. One of the biggest pressures on brides and grooms is wanting to look their best. At Expert Dental Care, we believe that confidence comes from within, and for some it means that feeling happy about your smile can make a big difference on your big day.

So, what procedures are available to help you get that perfect bride or groom smile? Asking for an expert’s opinion from Dr Kedar or Dr Devahuti is the best place to start.


You and your partner are destined to be smiling throughout your special day, which is why teeth whitening can be the most effective and simple dental procedure to help accentuate your features and help you feel confident. At Expert Dental Care we give our patients the option of both in-chair and home whitening solutions, but we recommend doing the procedure in the dental chair to give the best outcome in a safe environment.

In-chair whitening is a painless, non-invasive procedure using topical agents combined with light activation, which usually takes between 45-60 minutes. We use the highest quality materials and equipment, proving this procedure to be easy and effective with immediate results.

Despite being a very popular dental procedure, many patients are worried about possible complications that may arise from whitening if there are any pre-existing fillings, sensitive teeth, gum disease or gum recession. Before recommending this procedure to our patients, we will conduct a proper dental assessment and a thorough check-up to determine if you are the right candidate for whitening.

We will also recommend when the best time is for our patients to do a whitening treatment, and help advise on how to maintain whiter teeth not only for your wedding day, but for a longer period with our home maintenance whitening kit.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are becoming a popular and affordable solution to perfecting a smile. If dental hygiene is properly maintained, veneers will last about 10 years, sometimes longer. Veneers are either custom-made porcelain shells that fit and bond onto the front of a patient’s tooth, or made with composite resins that are moulded in thin layers onto the front of the tooth. We strive to give all our veneers a natural appearance, helping you gain confidence with your smile.

Our patients may opt for dental veneers if they feel uncomfortable about a variety of dental issues, such as:

Damaged teeth – Patients with broken, chipped or severely worn off teeth

Discoloured teeth – Despite the efforts made to keep teeth clean, discolouration can still be an issue for our clients. Veneers can completely hide the discolouration of teeth, or be used to blend discoloured teeth in with your other healthy looking teeth.

Teeth gaps – Patients can have irregular gaps between their teeth. Veneers can fill those gaps to make the teeth look naturally spaced.

Crooked teeth – Teeth that are crooked or have irregular shapes and positioning can be masked and aligned with veneers.

At Expert Dental Care, our dentists carefully assess the need for dental veneers and aim to keep the function of your teeth to handle most, if not all, forces associated with impacts such as diet. With this, it is import to avoid chewing on hard objects or foods. If you would like to learn more about dental veneers, please arrange an assessment with Dr Kedar or Dr Devahuti as soon as possible.

Make your teeth shine on your wedding day!

If looking your best and feeling great about your smile is a priority for your special day, please arrange a consultation with Dr Kedar or Dr Devahuti to discuss what options are best for you to help you shine with a beautiful and natural looking smile.

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